on site laundry

Laundry room has 4 commercial washers and 4 commercial dryers.

There is change machine on back wall and soap dispenser.

We also have snack machine that takes coins, bills and Credit Cards

cold drink machine

We have 8 selection cold drink machine.

The machine is behind office next to laundry room.

All can drinks are $1.00 each.


We have good relationship with local PD and they make random checks through the park.

There are 23 HD cameras and counting, with manager on site,

We strive to keep any and all unwanted issues out of the park,



bayou fishing

Located on Highland Bayou, that leads into the bay.

Great fishing including redfish, trout, flounder and gar.

All types of ducks, cranes and waterfowl visit daily

Small boats and canoes are allowed.



propane exchange

The propane exchange is located behind office next to drink machine.

The price is $22.00 for exchange if you have your own tank, and $62.00 if you do not.

Please call 409-986-5090 if you need help. 

Wireless Internet – Wifi

We have 8 Ubiquiti access points throughout the park.

The system has recently been replaced as of 1/1/2023



Game room / clubhouse

There is a community clubhouse located  on property by the storage areas.

There is smoking and drinking allowed inside and outside.

7ft bar table and Arachnid electronic dart board, multiple televisions and WiFi.

Sitting tables and also bar height sitting area with USB ports for chargers




bulk ice machine

Ice machine does 10lbs ice bulk or bag. The cost is $1.50 per 10lbs.

Bags and ties are located at machine.

It also does filtered water at .25 per gallon.

It will accept coins, bills or Credit/Debit cards.

There is also bottled water machine, cost is  .50 per  bottle.


All guests have onsite mailbox if needed. There is no charge for a mailbox.

We also have FedEx, UPS, Amazon deliveries in the office as well.